How long will my treatment last for?

Treatments can last for 60/75/90 minutes or 2 hours- it’s completely up to you! You will be able to select the duration of your treatment when booking and the time you wish your therapist to arrive. 

The session begins at the chosen time, but usually the PT will arrive 5-10 minutes before to prepare the massage table and ask you a series of simple questions to establish a physiotherapeutic diagnosis and adapt the treatment.

Once your booked treatment duration is complete, your therapist will leave the room to let you slowly get up and changed. They will then pack up and ask for your feedback before leaving.

In the unlikely event that your physiotherapist is running late, you will be notified in advance by our dedicated Customer Service team or by your therapist directly.  The treatment time will not start counting until his arrival.

If your therapist is available to do so, you can extend your booked treatment time during your appointment.

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