How to prepare for your physio appointment?

Just after booking:

Check the details 
Make sure your address is correct, and double check you’ve booked the right treatment.

Help your practitioner out by using the ‘Additional Information’ tab to:

  • Let your physio know of any pre-existing conditions, or whether you’ve been injured in the past days.
  • Tell them about parking options nearby.
  • Share specific directions or instructions for entering your building.

An hour before the booking:

Prepare the space

  • Make sure you have enough room – you’ll need at least 2x2m of floor space 
  • Get some towels ready – you’ll need a large one to cover the physio’s table and a smaller one for the headrest. A pillow or cushion might be useful to have on hand, too
  • If you own any sports equipment such as resistance bands or a foam roller, have them to hand as extra tools for your session

Gather relevant medical docs 
If you’ve had any previous tests such as an X-ray or MRI scan, have the results of these and any other letters that your doctor may have sent you to hand. The same goes for any medication you are currently on.

Wear something comfortable
Your physiotherapist may ask you to undress to your underwear (for women, a sports bra/crop top may be preferred) as part of their assessment. If you’d rather stay dressed, wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or leggings.

After your treatment

At the end of your session, your physiotherapist will give you time and privacy to get dressed.

It’s easy to rebook the same physiotherapist for another day – they can do it for you through their app, or you can do it through the website.

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